The Fade And Bare Headed Syndrome

20 Jan

All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the universe, may peace and blessings be upon the chosen one, the seal of all prophets and the master of the sons of Aadam, Sayyiduna Muhammad sallalaho alayhi wasallam and upon his pure family and noble companions.

Alhamdulillah I like many of you attended the fundraiser event on Saturday 18th of January, subhanallah a great turn out and a lot of money raised. I ask that Allah accepts all the efforts of the SAS London team and reward them abundantly, ameen. I noticed something extremely strange during the event, and sadly this trend is becoming more and more common. Recently many of the brothers have started growing their beards, some growing them to a full fist as is fardh according to the majortiy of the fuqaha and others keeping them short, maybe for fashion or some other reason that only Allah knows. What’s strange is that many of the brothers, despite keeping sunnah beards continue to keep these haram haircuts or ‘fades’ as they are referred to, where the head is shaved unevenly here and there. Inshallah just to mention a few ahaadith :

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Umar Radiyallaho anho narrates that Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam saw a boy whose head was partly shaved and part was covered with hair, Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam then instructed the boy ‘either shave all of it (the head) or leave all of it (the head) – Abu Dawud

Nafi reports that Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Umar Radiyallaho anho say that he heard Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam forbidding the practise of qaza. When He sallalaho alayhi wasallam was asked what qaza is he sallalaho alayhi wasallam repied ‘shaving part of the head and leaving parts of hair here and there’ and then he sallalaho alayhi wasallam pointed to the forelock and sides of his mubarak head – Bukhari and Muslim

In another hadith Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam actually referred to shaving the head unevenly as ‘mutilation of the head.’  Ulemah have mentioned that keeping the hair unevenly shaved is a continuous and perpetual sin which one carries on one’s self 24/7, it also comes under the category of openly sinning as every single person one interacts with can see and observe this mutilation of the head. The hadith recorded by imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim state that all the ummah will be forgiven except those who make their sins apparent, may Allah protect us!

So if these brothers are sincere and grow their beards for love of the sunnah they must abandon this haram practise, forgive me for being blunt but I actually think it looks ridiculous to keep a haram haircut after beautifying one’s face with the sunnah, . If we read the shama’il of Imam Tirmidhi RA we find that narrations describing Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam’s blessed hair that it was always kept one length and combed back, the length of which generally reached his ears, and occasionally the collarbone and shoulder blades. He sallalaho alayhi wasallam only shaved his mubarak head after performing umrah or Hajj, so if these brothers want to follow the sunnah they really should grow your hair long and keep it one length rather than distorting the sunnah with this kaafir style.

Inshallah one final point, many brothers alhamdulillah were wearing the jubbah/kamees and I am assuming that this was done for the sake of following the sunnah, but again what’s strange is that many of the brothers who despite wearing the sunnah garment had their heads uncovered. Again, we know from ahaadith that Rasoolullah sallalaho alayhi wasallam always kept his blessed head covered, either by wearing a hat or a hat and turban, the only time he sallalaho alayhi wasallam had his head bare was when in the state of ihraam. So again if these brothers sincerely wish to follow the sunnah then they must keep their heads covered. I can quote the salaf for hours about keeping the head covered but inshallah I will only mention 2 Imams, Ibn Taymiyah and Albaani, the reason being because most of these brothers readily accept verdicts of these 2 imams on issues relating to fiqh or aqeedah etc.

Ibn Taymiyah RA writes in Majmoo al Fatawa volume 11 page 493 that ‘actions such as leaving the head uncovered are neither the distinguishing characteristics of the pious nor of the sahaba and tabieen and was not found amongst the muslims of early times. Therefore those who keep their heads uncovered have strayed from the path of the servants of Allah, opposed the way of the Muslims and have abandoned the realities of our deen.

Secondly, Albani writes in Tamam al-manna that ‘keeping the head uncovered is a custom that the kuffaar introduced to the Muslim lands.’

So if these brothers are sincere and wish to follow the Quran and Sunnah as they claim when refuting others, they must practice what they preach and adopt the OBVIOUS and OBSERVABLE sunans of keeping the hair one length and keeping the head covered.

may Allah enable us to act upon this, ameen

your brother in Islam Abu Hurairaat Omar Khamboo


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  1. nadia mohammed

    February 22, 2014 at 6:35 PM

    Ina ly allah wa en elayhi rajeon


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